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In the third year of Gangwon Triennales, “Gangwon International Triennale” is held to suggest a differentiated paradigm of visual arts event reflecting the unique identity of Gangwondo.

By combining the results of projects of regeneration of idle spaces implemented for the past 2 years, we will manifest the final outcome from the transformation of the selected venues into a park of cultural arts, the art works created by the artists from home and abroad specific to the selected venues and art works created by collaborative projects.

Furthermore, “Gangwon Triennales Archive Exhibition” will be held to collect and exhibit all the works from Exhibition of Gangwon Artists and Gangwon Kids Biennale at a single location displaying every step of progress made by Gangwon Triennales for 3 consecutive years.

  1. Name of event: Gangwon Triennales 2021 Gangwon International Triennale
  2. Period of event: During 2021
  3. Venue: In the vicinity of Hongcheon gun (County) of Gangwondo
  4. Major constituent events
    • Exhibition events (Gangwon International Triennale, Gangwon Triennales Archive Exhibition)
    • Projects of transforming spaces into arts (idle space projects, collaborative projects with community residents)
    • Concurrent events (opening ceremony, talkfest between artists and residents, arts contests)
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